1:1  coaching

Create a Clear Path to the Life You Want to Live

With dedicated support that feels more like a breath of fresh air, than extra tactics being added to your plate

Perhaps you’ve followed the advice of the world, and you've focused solely on chasing, achieving, and accumulating everything it said would bring you happiness—but somewhere along the way it became clear that you hadn’t been told the whole story. 

You love your work, and you know your lack of energy and fulfillment isn't stemming only from too much on your schedule, but also from a lack of reenergizing rest, being present, movement, learning, and giving back. You're keen to develop a mindset that integrates enjoyment and equanimity with work, but you keep getting pulled back into the minutiae of daily life which all seem so equally urgent and important.

So you find yourself imagining an alternate path and also greatly influencing the people and the causes that matter most to you, whilst you stay on track for your long-term personal, financial, and business goals.

You know the change and impact you’re seeking starts with you as an individual. Yet this all feels like new territory and you’re a bit unsure of how to proceed or progress in divesting yourself of things that no longer resonate, to better able focus on what matters most to you.


1:1 coaching

comprehensive life and business coaching program for balance-oriented individuals

We see you not only for what you do, but also for who you are. This is a different kind of coaching for the innovative, socially aware, and forward-thinking individual.


4 sessions - $1000

Learn the signature framework for reverse engineering one’s life - putting rest, leisure, giving back, longevity, and connection first, so that it fuels innovation, creativity, wholeness, thought leadership, and accomplishment - all whilst divesting life of things that no longer resonate. Includes four one-on-one calls, as well as, follow-up notes, and email support for 4 weeks.


12 sessions - $2,700

A deep dive into the signature framework, including everything mentioned above, along with guided planning and support in setting specific personal, financial, and business targets. Ideal for those wishing to have ongoing mentoring in customizing and applying the framework in a more holistic way. Includes 12 on-on-one calls, follow-up notes, and email support for 12 weeks.


24 sessions - $5,100

Full support in learning, customizing, and applying the signature framework, including the planning of career goals or entrepreneurial setup, financial reordering, and personal and health targets, with ongoing mentoring and consulting toward full life and business recalibration. Suggested for those considering a complete work, life, and financial redesign. Includes 24 one-on-one calls, follow-up notes, and email support for 24 weeks.

Art, napping, cooking, gardening, exercise, meditation, music and silent breaks are accessible to most, and can be among the analog solutions to balance technology exhaustion and brain fatigue.



PoL’s Signature Framework

A personal, GUIDED

Through an integration of thinking, philosophy, science, and research, you’ll learn how to cast a vision for how things can be, and engage in rest, leisure, and service - guilt-free.

We’ll start with a change in perspective and help you determine what can be removed versus what needs to stay in building a life of greater flow, ease, and focus.

NO. 1

With found space, and new practices in place, you’ll learn the skills of analysis, agility, and course correction, so that you can continue to maintain your own balance, no matter what challenges come your way.

By defining freedom and accomplishment on your terms and grounding each day in rest, leisure, service, and connection you’ll be able to remain present, calm, and happy.


NO. 2


NO. 3

find ease

"Having one's only goal be living fully until 100 years old changes life from a sprint into a marathon, and perfectly reorders how we utilize our physical, emotional, and financial resources."

deeanne chomiak


This is it.

Gain peace and clarity around your finances, and make sound choices based on research, data, and timeless wisdom

Learn how to embrace organic, agile growth and personal best, over one-size-fits-all habits and rigid goal-setting

This is the place and the space you need to:

Nurture your energy, spirituality, creativity, and thought leadership

Get the support and accountability you need to divest yourself of what no longer resonates - including permission to do and own less

Understand your work type, service orientation, and leisure personality

Experience growth and ease in your existing career, or plan an exit strategy and build a lifestyle business for the next chapter

Add aspects of “less” to your life in ways that feel right for you - grounding your life in ease

Have a greater impact within your spheres of influence, helping to address global issues through everyday awareness and action

Navigate risk, challenges, and life-changing opportunities with confidence, equanimity, direction, and anti-fragility

I’VE had many roles IN MY LIFETIME…

My mission is to help others find the life enriching accomplishment they seek, without the baggage that often accompanies it, and to help them cultivate the ease, contentment, and causeless joy that comes from being motivated by a love of life, giving back, and living in the present, rather than by the endless pursuit of something outside of themselves.

MEET YOUR mentor—

DeeAnne Chomiak

A stay at home parent. A struggling, single parent. A successful investment executive, leader, and boss. A globe trotting nomad and writer. A happily married expatriate consultant. A widow. And a recovering perfectionist and  workaholic.


“Leisure is only possible when we are one with          We tend to overwork as a means of self-escape, as a way to          our existence.”


Josef Pieper


The end game of our philosophy is causeless joy.



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