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DeeAnne Chomiak was working 80+ hours per week, living at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago - because there was no point in having a home she was never at, experiencing 5-star holidays, designer trunk shows, and even having a Jimmy Choo named after her - only to realize she couldn't achieve her way out of the emptiness of a purely goal-oriented life.

As the first woman to run an investment distribution group in America,

What she and so many of us have been brought up to believe would make us happy, secure, and fulfilled hadn't worked.

She embarked on a year of travel, and a new career as a consultant and writer, but she continued to use work, achievement, and success as a bandaid for doing the real work of learning to be happy where she was. It was only after the loss of her beloved husband to cancer that DeeAnne realized - while in grief therapy - she just couldn't lace back up and rebuild yet again. So she slowly developed the concept for The Daily Approach just for herself - but upon experiencing its transformational outcomes, she began coaching others through it.


as founder of Philosophy of Leisure and a transformational life and business coach, DeeAnne and the PoL team are on a mission to help others reinterpret a successful life— one that’s built on happiness and contentment right where they are, rather than based on the next goal, promotion, purchase, relationship, or ideal weight.

Having been in just about every role as a woman: from young housewife to struggling single working mom, corporate female executive in a predominantly male industry, single globetrotting nomad, expatriate housewife, grandmother, and widow—PoL exists for women and individuals from all walks of life.

With a foundational and tangible framework to reimagine the good life, by reverse engineering one’s life and learning to “be” rather than “do”, Philosophy of Leisure is a pathway toward rediscovering the lovely experience of causeless joy.



"Having our only goal be living beautifully until 100 years old, changes life from a sprint into a marathon, and perfectly reorders how we utilize our physical, emotional, and financial resources."

deeanne chomiak


DeeAnne Chomiak

DeeAnne Chomiak is the founder and transformational life + business coach behind Philosophy of Leisure. As a former Investment EVP, and the first female to run an investment distribution group in the U.S., she’s seen both the highs and lows of “success” and is on a mission to help other goal-oriented individuals reorient toward leisure and ease—which fuels happiness, innovation, creativity, and healthy accomplishment. Through her signature framework, THE DAILY APPROACH, Philosophy of Leisure is a reimagining of the good life through less striving and more ease. When she’s not leading coaching sessions, assisting investment clients, or working on her novel, she’s taking a stroll with her dog Lola, entertaining the grandkids, sipping an Italian Barolo to the sweet sounds of jazz, or dreaming of a home in a tiny French village. Connect with DeeAnne on Instagram at @philosophyofleisure or learn more at philosophyofleisure.com.




We’re recovering perfectionists and overachievers learning to live and work at a slower, more leisurely pace.

Kaitlyn Parker

Kaitlyn Parker is the founder and lead copywriter of Copy Uncorked, a copywriting and brand strategy studio pouring up compelling words to help brands grow. She grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, where she resides today with her husband and mini goldendoodle. Kaitlyn played Division 1 field hockey and studied English at the University of Virginia; later earning her Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Regent University. Her passion for branding and communications grew while working with lululemon and assisting with a number of new store openings. In her role with PoL, she executes all brand copywriting, oversees content, and creative direction.


Enneagram: Type 3

Favorite Destination: Paris


A day on the water with wine and good company

Favorite Destination: iceland

Kadie Smith

Kadie Smith is the founder and lead designer of Drop Cap Design, an editorial branding studio for creative small businesses. She grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and went to Auburn University to study graphic design. Today, she lives in the mountains of Montana for half the year and by the ocean for the rest. She first fell in love with branding after shadowing a family friend and agency owner in Birmingham. Kadie later started Drop Cap Design in her early twenties while living in Dallas, TX, as a way to get to know the creative community. In her role with PoL, she oversees and executes all branding, website design, and art direction. 


Enneagram: Type 3

Favorite Destination: NICARAGUA


A slow morning painting in the sunroom or a late afternoon by the water

Favorite Destination: iceland

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence is a lifestyle photographer and the founder of The Lawrence House, a lifestyle company that focuses on living beautifully in the everyday. Born in Texas and the youngest of 5, she now lives with her husband, little boy, and golden retriever in Boulder, Colorado. She has an eye for all things beauty and has had the privilege of traveling the world photographing for brands and capturing the beauty of other cultures. In the last 8 years, she’s lived in 8 different homes, across 3 different states and has stepped foot in over 25 different countries. In her role with PoL, she oversees all photography and photoshoots.


Enneagram: Type 9

Favorite Destination: Amalfi Coast


A spa day ending with good food & drink—dessert by the fire included

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