What if there was a philosophy of leisure instead, and life could be lived with ease, and it benefited not only you, but those you love, and, indeed, the world?

What if the philosophy of achievement isn’t the panacea we expected it to be?

Philosophy of Leisure is on a mission to help others reinterpret a successful life— one that’s built on happiness, optimism, and contentment right where they are, rather than based on the next goal, promotion, purchase, relationship, or ideal weight.

PoL and it’s offerings have created a foundational and tangible framework to reimagine the good life, by reverse engineering one’s life and learning to “be” rather than “do” as a pathway toward rediscovering the lovely experience of causeless joy, whilst keeping a gentle eye on one’s future goals and targets.

What would it feel like to stop running? To look around you and enjoy life as it is?

and consider with us...

Take A Moment,
A Deep Breath, A Pause

“Unless we regain the art of silence and insight, the ability for nonactivity, unless we substitute true leisure for our hectic amusements, we will destroy our culture and ourselves.”

josef pieper

Our 6 Key Areas
of Focus

We advocate for reverse engineering one’s life by first addressing the following focus areas, which have been proven to make an individual happy when practiced each day - and then only adding in very little from there. 

Be Present

Be Socially Connected

Be a Life-Long Learner

Be Well-Rested

Give Back

Adopt Restorative Play

NO. 1

NO. 2

NO. 3

NO. 4

NO. 5

NO. 6


We reject the constant hustle and the pull to more; replacing it with self-awareness, wise consumerism, quiet money, quality over quantity, and recaptured moments.


We believe in divesting our lives of things that no longer resonate. We seek to replace striving with organic growth, goals with practices, and comparison with personal best.


One of the many benefits of a calmer, more leisurely life is your own longevity. Adequate rest, intuitive eating, meditation, and gentle movement are all an integral part of that.


We believe in turning back to help others through giving of our time, treasure, &/or talent. We can all lead lives of service regardless of financial position, which is not only of benefit to others, but fundamental to our own happiness as well.

The primary tenets of our philosophy

Has a modern-timeless sensibility to her; she appreciates tradition but is also willing to

rewrite  the

DESIRES an alternate approach to success—one that doesn’t entail 

that only leads to emptiness

all out, hair-on-fire hustle

Rejects the myth that she needs to have it all, right now—she buys less but

chooses well.

Isn’t afraid to course correct; adjusting her sails

as she learns.

Longs for a                                amongst loved ones; without an agenda and filled with

slow Saturday

causeless joy


with data, science,
and hard facts

intuition, feeling, & fun

COMBATS anxiety and uneasiness with meditation, yoga, and

targeted  journaling.

StriveS to maintain HER
sense of calm and equanimity;

that may ensue around HER

regardless  of  the  chaos

WantS to be seen for                    rather than what SHE DOES
and recapture HER sense of
joy along the way.

who she is



A Whole Year
of Lovely

Somewhere along the way our society decided that being busy was a status symbol. Fast is addictive and the illusion of busy fools even the most well-lived among us. Yet slow helps us think more clearly, consume more wisely, succeed more easily, connect more deeply, and experience more causeless joy. It's about having the luxury to take the time when we want to, and the ability to be present and at ease - wherever we are. 

Five Prompts for a Lovelier and Less Hurried Life

let yourself linger

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