What if leisure, ease and sustainability
are the gateway to greater success, happiness and wholeness for the individual, the community and the planet?

The Question

Running rampant within our culture and our hearts is overextension—the illness of too much. We’ve become buried under the weight of too much choice, too many opportunities, and simply too much stuff; causing guilt to rise up within us each time we feel inclined to say enough, but never do. The personal, societal, and environmental cost of this excess is too great to allow it to continue.

So we developed a lifestyle philosophy to balance the overstimulation of a hyperconnected, success-obsessed world. 

With an emphasis on six key topics, Philosophy of Leisure is your home base for pressing pause, reclaiming the essence of who you are, and reimagining the legacy you wish to leave.

What would it feel like to stop running? To look around you and enjoy life as it is?

and consider with us...

Take A Moment,
A Deep Breath, A Pause

We don’t intend to suggest that simply working fewer hours and spending more time at the day spa, or on the golf course, will correct what troubles so many of us. The real work is taking a deep, inward look at how we think, how we behave, and how we consume.


Our 6 Key Areas
of Focus

Taking a slower, calmer, more leisurely approach to life has a positive effect on all of us and our planet as a whole. This is our higher purpose. PoL partners with brands and educators who lead with mindfulness, wise consumerism, and consideration of the environment—whether it be slow wealth, slow fashion, slow food, or slow travel.







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NO. 6


DeeAnne Chomiak

As a former executive who ran an investment firm at 45-years old, she’s seen both the highs and lows of “success” and is on a mission to help accomplished women maintain their serenity, whilst they purposefully achieve. She’s been in just about every role as a woman—from young housewife to single working mom, corporate female executive in a predominantly male industry, single globetrotting nomad, expatriate housewife, grandmother, widow—and now, thought-leader and editor-in-chief behind Philosophy of Leisure.

After deciding what she wanted the next chapter of her life to look like and discovering the slow movement, she’s become a devoted mentor; guiding others to find the life enriching success they want, without the baggage that often accompanies it. PoL’s signature approach, first developed during the harried days of 70+ hour work weeks, refined during her days as a freelance writer and nomad, and proven out during the time of her late husband’s terminal illness, helps accomplished women cultivate the peace and happiness that comes from being motivated by living in the present moment, rather than by the endless pursuit of something outside of themselves.

When she’s not leading coaching sessions or working on her novel, she’s taking a stroll with her dog Lola, sipping an Italian Barbaresco to the sweet sounds of jazz, or dreaming of a home in a tiny French village.



Kaitlyn Parker

Kaitlyn Parker is the founder and lead copywriter of Copy Uncorked, a copywriting and brand strategy studio pouring up compelling words to help brands grow. She grew up in Virginia Beach, VA, where she resides today with her husband and mini goldendoodle. Kaitlyn played Division 1 field hockey and studied English at the University of Virginia; later earning her Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Regent University. Her passion for branding and communications grew while working with lululemon and assisting with a number of new store openings. In her role with PoL, she executes all brand copywriting, oversees content, and creative direction.


Enneagram: Type 3

Favorite Destination: Paris


A day on the water with wine and good company

Enneagram: Type 3

Madeleine Poteat

Madeleine Poteat is the founder and marketing director of MP Consulting, which provides affordable digital marketing solutions for small businesses throughout Nashville, TN and nationwide. She played soccer at Hastings College where she met her fellow soccer player husband and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and Spanish. Having lived abroad in Mexico and Spain as well as working with global hotel brands in Latin America, she’s fluent in the language. She still plays and coaches soccer in Franklin, TN, works on endless home DIY projects, and is a member of Rotary International. In her role with PoL, she oversees and executes both marketing and operations, including all brand collaborations.


Enneagram: Type 3

Favorite Destination: iceland


Working out, tackling a DIY project around the house, or watching a movie with a large bag of buttered popcorn —extra salt!

Enneagram: Type 3

Enneagram: Type 3

Favorite Destination: iceland

Kadie Smith

Kadie Smith is the founder and lead designer of Drop Cap Design, an editorial branding studio. She grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and went to Auburn University to study graphic design. Today, she lives in the mountains of Montana for half the year and by the ocean for the rest. She first fell in love with design as a teenager, hoarding magazines and shadowing a local branding agency in her hometown. Kadie later started Drop Cap Design while living in Dallas, TX as a way to get to know the creative community. In her role with PoL, she oversees and executes all brand development, editorial product development, and art direction. 


Enneagram: Type 3

Favorite Destination: NICARAGUA


A slow morning painting in the sunroom or a late afternoon by the water


YOU HAVE A modern-timeless sensibility to YOU AND appreciate tradition but ARE also willing to

rewrite  the

YOU DESIRE an alternate approach to success—one that doesn’t entail 

that only leads to burn-out

all out, hair-on-fire hustle

you reject the myth that you need
to have it all, right now—

choose well.

YOU AREN'T afraid to course correct; adjusting YOUR sails

as you learn.

YOU Long for a                              amongst loved ones; without an agenda and filled with

slow Saturday

causeless joy


with data, science,
and hard facts

intuition, feeling, & fun

YOU'RE IN FAVOR OF COMBATING anxiety and uneasiness with meditation,
yoga, and

targeted  journaling.

YOU Strive to maintain YOUR
sense of calm and equanimity;

that may ensue around YOU

regardless  of  the  chaos

YOU Want to be seen for                    rather than what YOU DO
and recapture YOUR sense of
joy along the way.

who you are

Our Philosophy is Yours to Adopt If...

100 Ways to
Uncomplicate Life

In very complicated world of too much choice, too much work, too much connectivity, too much input and too much stuff... this list will assist in recalibrating toward a life of greater energy and ease, no matter who we are, where we live, or what circumstance we find ourselves in.

let yourself linger

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