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July 7, 2021

Although adamant about not making Philosophy of Leisure about herself, we couldn’t resist sharing more with you about who’s behind this brand.

Our founder DeeAnne Chomiak, can be described as many things, answers to many names, is known for many accomplishments over her lifetime, and is well-loved for all the attributes of herself – which exist outside of her ‘work’ and ‘success’. 

Despite being founded in the spring of 2021, Philosophy of Leisure isn’t DeeAnne’s first foray into the online world. For many years, she was the blogger and voice behind LiveCharmed, which could be described as a personal blog of someone who tried to work out how to walk away from a 7-figure career and far too much stuff, despite feeling guilty for not being more grateful, in order to build a life of connection, meaning and more simplicity instead.

It started out as a woman enjoying more money and more success than she’d ever dreamt possible, who loved her work and her family, and who indulged in all of the things she’d been taught would bring happiness – luxury shopping, five-star hotels, and Michelin star restaurants. However, at the end of the day, she wasn’t complete, she didn’t have time to live the charmed life everyone thought she had. As such, she began looking for another way. 

LiveCharmed started organically and grew quite a loyal audience during its tenure, with curious readers tuning in to see where in the world ‘Gigi’ was headed next, and to hear the sage advice she’d offered in one of her signature ‘100 Lists’, such as 100 Ways to Uncomplicate Life, which has since be revised and can be found here.

But her life wasn’t always one of 5-star hotels and jet-setting around the world. 

She’d also been a struggling, single mother and divorcee, a harried and high-pressure career woman, a deeply in love wife and then a widow, and now a grandmother. 

During the height of her career, DeeAnne served as an Investment Advisor and Wholesaler, National Sales Manager, and then the Executive Vice President of an investment distribution firm, which were then and still largely are, predominantly male-dominated positions in a predominantly male-dominated industry. 

She’d played a pivotal role in the creation and leadership of the strategies that built Allstate Distributors annual turnover from $800m to almost $4bn; establishing the organization as the largest provider in its sector and achieving the number one position for fixed annuity sales in the banking segment, along with a full slate of other investment products, and with a robust public speaking schedule, whilst leading and mentoring others to succeed, as well.

It was work she loved, with colleagues and clients she enjoyed tremendously, but the trend became more and more work, with less and less room for health and for real connection. She’d become a workaholic, constantly anxious about staying on top, and having more and more trouble understanding why she was doing it all.

DeeAnne Chomiak, Founder of Philosophy of Leisure

She started to notice that she wasn’t alone in feeling the effects of workaholism, perfectionism, anxiety and questioning whether the life she was building was one with the sense of slow, discernment, and equanimity she craved.

Choosing to pursue an early retirement at the young age of 47 and deciding that she needed to sort out what she wanted the next chapter of her life to look like, DeeAnne discovered the slow movement, and began to develop a lifestyle philosophy that served as the antidote to the hustle-driven, harried one she’d known for so long. 

A lifestyle that could be achieved on a small or grand scale – as some of life’s little pleasures like wine, art, jazz, and personal style can be enjoyed and cultivated, regardless of what your budget or income is. Rather, it’s about the underlying mindset that’s required to adopt this lifestyle, and one that’s expressed not just in theory, but tangibly. 

As such, Philosophy of Leisure was founded as an editorial and education-driven lifestyle brand to support accomplished women in all walks of life, as they came to discover and implement this lifestyle for themselves.

PoL’s signature approach, first developed during the harried days of 70+ hour work weeks, refined during her days as a freelance writer and nomad, and proven out during the time of her late husband’s terminal illness, helps accomplished women cultivate the peace and happiness that comes from being motivated by living in the present moment, rather than by the endless pursuit of something outside of themselves. DeeAnne is a devoted mentor, executive coach, and editor-in-chief; guiding others to find the life enriching success they want, without the baggage that often accompanies it.

In addition to leading Philosophy of Leisure, DeeAnne is also writing her first novel, spending as much time as possible with her family, practicing Pilates, following England cricket, attempting to break 90 on the golf course, entertaining our team with a jazz-themed Spotify playlist, and avidly reading anything from Bertrand Russell to Joan Didion to Harper Lee.

A Texas native, DeeAnne Chomiak has also lived in California, Barbados, Cape Town, Piemonte, France, the UK, Tennessee, Chicago, Arizona, and currently calls Florida home.

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