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We reverse engineer work, rest, play, and money to build lives of contribution, culture, and ease.



We invite you to embrace the coming renaissance, and explore the idea that building a lifestyle around the things proven to help humans thrive - including leisure, connection, giving back, the arts, and being present - is the best driver of greater happiness and accomplishment.

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Leisure doesn’t mean we turn away from hard work or accomplishment.

We simply challenge the idea of work as “good” and leisure as “bad” or “unproductive" through inquisition, research, and stimulating dialogue.



Many of us spend our lives chasing after ever-escalating definitions of success. We never stop striving, pushing, achieving - or even pause long enough to question the impact of living and working at this pace on ourselves, our loved ones, other communities, or on our planet.
So we've developed a life recalibration guide, intended to lead you away from the culture of hustle and productivity, and instead toward the philosophy of leisure, as the healthier catalyst to both happiness and accomplishment. 

Tangible guidance to support the multi-passionate and multi-responsibilitied individual.


1:1 coaching

A comprehensive life and business mentoring program for the multi-passionate and multi-responsibilitied individual. You’ll be personally led through our signature framework as you learn to use rest, leisure, being present, and service to generate greater energy, thought-leadership, innovation, and creativity - and to prioritize what matters most.

Choose between 1, 3, or 6 months.

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Flagship Course

Consider this a sabbatical-in-place. We’ll teach you how to reverse engineer your life, taking out what’s weighing you down and only adding back in what truly matters to you.
You’ll also learn how to break down annual goals into daily practices that, once completed, allow you to engage in leisure time—guilt-free.


Sharing our signature approach.



“Instead of working toward retirement, work toward your ideal lifestyle. There is usually a path to get there in a few years instead of a few decades.”

james clear

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