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July 3, 2021

The word philosophy is often broadly defined and loosely applied to just about any individual belief system, in any category, held by anyone. Yet, a true philosophy, also entails intimate study and application of such theoretical underpinnings within a particular field or discipline

By definition, a philosophy is an examination and consideration of the “nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning.”  

Which is why our philosophy won’t stop at theory, but is dependent upon timeless wisdom, lived experiences, scientific research, and the teachings of dedicated subject matter experts.

So, Why Leisure?

Although one of the primary tenets of our philosophy can be found within the brand name itself, the notion of leisure typically connotes a complete departure from work, responsibilities, and even worry. 

Yet, our approach differs in that we see leisure as something that integrates with our work and responsibilities, and that we may never be able to fully absolve ourselves of daily stress and worry. But in the words of Naval Ravikant, we can learn to “effortlessly interpret events in such a way that [we] don’t lose [our] innate peace.”

Leisure doesn’t mean we abandon hard work and achievement. It simply means we approach all aspects of life from a mindset of ease, discernment, and equanimity.

To us, leisure encompasses everything from critical rest, exercise – including swimming or hitting a bucket of balls, meditation, cooking a fresh meal, tending to a garden, painting, listening to music, visiting an art gallery or museum, a glass of wine on the terrace, conversation, travel, stillness, and everything in between. There’s no one ‘right’ way to leisure, and each of us have different styles and approaches to doing so. But we believe that a life filled with more ease, contentment, and innate peace is more likely to help us as humans to take the leaps of innovation we’re capable of making, than a life that is devoid of it. 

At PoL, we’re simply asking how we can deconstruct all that we’ve been told will bring us joy and equanimity, and reimagine life, using both science and long held beliefs and traditions, to reengineer the design for greater health, happiness, creativity, innovation, success and sustainability – for ourselves, our community, other cultures, and for our planet.

We’ve reached an inflection point in the United States, and in many other developed nations. Charted happiness levels and statistical life expectancies have begun to drop, even before the pandemic began, and even as prosperity abounded for more and more of earth’s inhabitants.

Traditional means of coaching, and finding nonexistent work/life balance have failed to offset the growing effects of hyperconnectivity, productivity culture and a consumer centric idea of success, so we believe it’s time to disrupt that world, and question everything.

This questioning and continued exploration will cover:

  • Mindset and mental wellness within and outside of the workplace
  • Slow living and aligning ourselves and our buying decisions with its associated movements like slow food and slow fashion
  • The 5 Pillars of Happiness (be active, be curious, be present, be generous, be connected)
  • Knowing yourself, discernment, and self-leadership
  • Managing bandwidth and embracing rest
  • Practicing emotional intelligence
  • Forming deeper, better relationships
  • Sustainability on a personal and planetary level
  • Contribution and giving back 

Who is it for?

Further, we believe this philosophy can be adopted by people across all cultures and socioeconomic spectrums. Although luxurious and elevated in nature, PoL isn’t your typical luxury brand – it’s not dependent on buying high-cost goods or achieving a certain income or status level. It doesn’t matter how much is in your savings account or whether you’ve reached the peak of career success, or feel as if you can’t seem to find your footing.

Because living a life of ease, discernment, and equanimity is not a one-size-fits-all prescription. 

You can also learn more about each of our three tracks – Classic, Timeless, and Iconic – which will be represented across all PoL offerings, within this page

We’re here to learn and grow together, and welcome your thoughts and discussion points in the comments below.

Hoping to learn more and get started with slower living? Find A Whole Year of Slow within the Leisure Library and download it for free.

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A Whole Year
of Lovely

Somewhere along the way our society decided that being busy was a status symbol. And technological advances have enabled, and encouraged, us to be always available.
Yet leisure and rest help us to think more clearly, decide more logically, consume more wisely, innovate and create more freely, and connect more deeply. It's about having the space to build the life we choose, rather than having one thrust upon us, by default.

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